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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hawaiian Fruit—Yum!


It’s August and I’m in Mega-Summer-Fruit-Mode. Aren’t you? There’s nothing like sweet fresh fruit. And Hawaiian fruit is the best.


I’m going to take time over the next month (or more) to talk about the fruit you find in Hawaii. I will also post a couple fun recipes at the end of the series. One is my personal creation and the other is from my daughter and one of her friends.


I’m not going to highlight any one fruit today, but I did want to let you know about Native, Introduced, and Canoe Plants in Hawaii.

Native plants (or in our case, we’re looking at fruit) are those that existed from the beginning on Hawaii. Introduced plants have been brought to the islands over many years. Canoe plants were brought here by the first Polynesians and have grown well. They are pretty much considered native now.

But which of the following fruits are actually native to the islands?

Pineapple, Mango, Guava, Papaya?

You can leave a comment and a guess. I’ll give you the correct answer on Thursday as to which of these popular fruits are native.

I think I need to go pick some raspberries or blueberries from my garden. Soon I’ll be going on walks to find those luscious wild blackberry bushes. Not Hawaiian, but oh so delicious!

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  1. Hi, Cheryl... I'm going to guess guava. And I'm probably guessing that only because I have a guava story to share with you! When my first husband was on R&R from Vietnam in Hawaii, I went CRAZY on the guava juice we drank each morning with our room service breakfast. (He left for Vietnam ten days after our wedding day, so Hawaii was a honeymoon of sorts and we blew a lot of money on non-essentials like room service :-) Anyway, ten days and eight gallons of guava juice later, I found myself in the bathroom for the next week :-) Apparently guava juice has a powerful "cleansing" quality! Despite that not-so-great experience, I LOVED the taste of fresh guava, but haven't had it since.

    Great post! I'll be interested to know which plants fit into which category.


  2. Thanks for sharing your funny story, Deb!!! I LOVE guava too. Maybe you should try my guava cake recipe. That way you can get the taste of the fruit you love, but not so much for your poor system.

    Guava's a good guess, but as you can see from today's post (August 4), none of the fruits mentioned are actually native!


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