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Monday, May 16, 2011

Visiting Tutu in Hawaii—Part 2

My friend, Christine, visited Hawaii every year (at least once, some years more often) to spend time with her grandma (Tutu.) Every visit lasted at least a month and Christine has wonderful memories of her time in Hawaii. This is part two of her memory sharing with my blog readers.

Her grandma lived most of her life in Tahiti, but in 1967 she moved to Aina Haina on Oahu where she lived until she passed away in 1998.

Christine has visited only one other island besides Oahu, and that was Kauai for her honeymoon. As wedding gifts people gave them excursions and meals out to use while visiting Kauai. She and her husband went scuba diving, swam with huge turtles, took a helicopter ride, kayaked, attended a luau, and ate very well!

One funny memory for Christine was during the scuba dive. Her fellow divers began calling her “shark bait” because she was continually attracting sharks. They were Nurse Sharks and are not considered dangerous. Attacks that have resulted in injuries were provoked. For more information on these sharks, visit this site:

Christine’s grandmother’s cousin, Moana, still lives in Hawaii and has written a travel book. Her uncle was a photographer who took gorgeous photos of Hanauma Bay. During her childhood visits to the bay, Christine recalls how deserted the area was. Hmm . . . not so much today!

Christine's Grandmother, Grandfather,
and Her Father as a Baby in Tahiti

Although she has no current plans to visit Hawaii again, Christine says given the opportunity she’d go in a heartbeat!

Don’t forget to take me! And thanks for sharing your experiences, Christine!

Mahalo for visiting!



  1. Cheryl, I don't think I'd want to be shark-bait now matter HOW harmless the shark is supposed to be :-) Great post. Love that photo... priceless to your friend, I'll bet...


  2. Yes, Deb, it is precious to her. Had to scan it while still in the frame!

    No sharks for me either, but I did swim with the stingrays at Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

  3. I love flying til we get to the part about over the ocean, never wanted to go down and be shark bait, kill me over dry land so it'll happen fast!

  4. You're so funny, Linda! I've actually had the same thoughts myself. : )


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