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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Visiting Tutu in Hawaii—Part 1

My friend, Christine, visited Hawaii every year (at least once, some years more often) to spend time with her grandma (Tutu.) Every visit lasted at least a month and Christine has wonderful memories of her time in Hawaii. I asked if she would share some of her favorites with my blog readers.

Banyan Trees in Kapiolani Park
Her grandma lived most of her life in Tahiti. When she moved to Hawaii, she chose a quaint neighborhood on Oahu called Aina Haina. The thing Christine remembers most about her grandma’s home were the wonderful scents of the ocean, flowers, and plants. Her property hosted a huge mango tree, bananas, and plumerias. Christine remembers going to the zoo and seeing the hundreds of Banyan Trees in Kapiolani Park.

What did Christine do all day for a month or longer? Ahh . . . wonderful, delightful things every kid would love. Her grandma knew all the paths through the neighborhood that led to private beaches. They would body surf all day and just enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

When they weren’t at the beach the kids would hunt down frogs in the Aina Haina area. If one of them died, they’d do elaborate funerals for them. Another fun activity they did was to make leis from the plumerias on the property. The flowers came in several different colors and made perfect, colorful leis. But one of Christine’s favorite memories was receiving candy leis from her grandma.

Don’t you wish you could have spent a month in Hawaii enjoying the ocean and sun, making leis, eating mangos and bananas right off the trees, and exploring the island?

Me too!

Join me on Monday for more about Christine and her experiences in Hawaii.

Mahalo for visiting!



  1. Hmm, Hawaii sounds alot like Costa Rica! Fun, fun, fun! LOL

  2. Cheryl, what a great way for a child to grow up! And what beautiful memories. Thank you :-)


  3. Thanks, Deb! Your support is so appreciated.


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