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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mauka or Makai???

If you’ve ever visited the islands you may have heard someone describe a location as being mauka or maybe makai.

Mauka means toward the mountains, so wherever you are in relation to the mountains, the direction you need to go is toward them. So, sometimes it may be east, sometimes west, or sometimes north or south. Confusing? Maybe at first, but soon you get used to it.

Makai means toward the ocean. Wherever you are, if you need to head makai, it’s toward the ocean! Simple, huh?

And to confuse things a bit more, Ewa is a city on the west side of the island and is sometimes used to indicate going west.

Of course, there has to be a directional term to indicate east, right? Diamond Head (the volcano crater you can see from Waikiki) is sometimes used as an indicator for east.

So, when in the islands, go mauka to experience the lush vegetation and go makai to get your toes wet!

See my stuffed Doggie?? He's donned some flip-flops and is ready for some beach time--headed Makai!

Visit on Monday for more information and insight on Hawaii Five-O, and again on Thursday for another quick directional lesson!

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