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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Puka Shells

Puka Shells were very popular a number of years ago. And, as I recall, kind of expensive.

Puka means hole. The shells (from some kind of snail) are worn down by water and sand until a small hole appears in the center. These rounded shells come in all sizes and can be strung to make necklaces or bracelets.

I found my own shells while living in Hawaii and strung a wonderful choker out of them. Wore the thing day and night. But then, years later when our family was growing and I’d been away from the islands for a long time, our home was burglarized and the culprits took my beloved Puka Shell necklace.

I was bummed, but never tried to create a new one, even though I still had a little jar of extras. That’s because they were the rejects. Ones that weren’t just the right color or shape or size. Maybe they were lopsided or had a divot on one side.

The other day I decided it was time to dig out the jar, dump the contents, and see what I might be able to pull together. I didn’t have enough to make a complete necklace, but if I could add a nice cord to the ends, I might be able to wear my homemade Puka Shell necklace again!

Click here for a photo and an explanation of a Puka Shell:

Here’s the best part—my wonderful Puka Shell Necklace creation!

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  1. Oh neat! We have shells but I've never thought of making a necklace.

  2. You should do it, Jessica! They're fun to make and fun to wear, although the bigger ones are kinda heavy. Thanks for visiting, Jessica!


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