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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surfer Girl!


If you read my blog on Monday, you know about my brand new web site I just published. And, maybe you’ve gone to the game page and tried a few of the games???

I tried all the games and failed miserably at the surfing ones. But I was good at the Surfer Girl Dress-Up game, and when I hit the “Done” button, she surfed quite well—unlike my surfers in the other games who always crashed and burned.

Funny, when I lived in Hawaii I surfed and did pretty good with the “baby-sized” waves. Never did graduate beyond that, but at least I had the strength to paddle fast and hard, catch the wave, stand up, and ride it in—Sah-weeeeeeet!!

My main character in The Hawaiian Island Detective Club Series, Leilani, is a big surfer girl. Check out my blog next Monday and Thursday to learn more about Leilani’s favorite surfboard and what kind of new one she wants to buy. I’ll also share some general information on surfboards.

In the meantime, please visit my web site, check out the games and all the pages, then share the site with the kids in your life. After all, everyone loves playing a game with a skateboard-riding gecko! And I bet they’ll be a lot better at the surfing than me! There are other games, including a banana-throwing gorilla, falling coconuts, underwater games, and girl’s dress-up-Hawaiian-style games.

Be sure to sign my guestbook when you visit. A big thank-you to everyone who has already done that and left me a comment. cheryllinnmartin@yahoo.com

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  1. This is so fun, Cheryl! I love your voice on your blog and think kids are going to love "hanging out" here. :-)

    btw, I think you should repost some of these when you're pubbed. Do you know how to save your posts to your hard drive? Under settings, there's an export button. Saves everything you ever wrote. :-)

  2. Thanks, Jessica! For the wonderful comments as well as the helpful information.

    I have been thinking that at some point I would re-do a post. Figured I'd just cut and paste, but I'll check into the export idea.

    Now, if I could only just snatch that elusive contract! : )


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