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Monday, November 21, 2011

Pumpkin What????

It’s almost Thanksgiving and you haven’t thought about dessert?

Well, if you don’t want to make the traditional pumpkin pie, I have a great alternative for you all who are adventuresome at heart.

This is the first of Luana’s recipes (see my interview with Luana from November 3, 7, and 10.) It’s called Baked Pumpkin Mochi.

I made this recipe with pumpkin I cooked up from a real pumpkin! Every Halloween I get a small one to go along with the large carving-size one. Then I cook it up and either use it to make a pie or my healthy mac and cheese, or freeze it.

Pumpkin Mochi!
I must say, when I made this recipe, I just had to sample the batter—YUM! Mochi is similar to Bibinka (click for link to my post) which is a recipe my niece, Nicole, shared with my readers and me. The pumpkin makes this version a wonderful, tasty fall treat. Everyone in my family loved it. My husband particularly loved the corners. After baking it, the mochi looked like a cake, but when you cut into it—oh my! The texture is thick and kind of chewy. Hope you try it out and love it too!

Baked Pumpkin Mochi

A view of the inside--Yum!
29 oz can of pumpkin
14 oz can of condensed milk
2 cubes of melted butter
4 beaten eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 ¼ box Mochiko flour (this is sweet rice flour which I found in an Asian market)
1 ¾ cups of sugar
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp cinnamon
1 ½ tsp pumpkin spice

Mix all together, pour into greased and floured 9 X 13 pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for one hour (I like to convection cook, so it didn’t take a full hour—maybe more like 45-50 minutes.)

I’ll be posting more of Luana’s recipes over the next few months, along with informative posts about Hawaii and some other recipes I’ve tried. If you’d like to see past recipes, please go to my recipe page and click on any you’re interested in. It will take your right to the original post.

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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I don't like pumpkin pie but this might be yummy. Thanks Cheryl!

  2. I love pumpkin pie and anything pumpkin, but I gotta tell ya, I'm still trying to figure pumpkin into mac and cheese? Did I read that right? :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Yay for holidays!

  3. I love pumpkin pie, Jessica, but sometimes they make it too strong with the seasonings--I'm not a huge fan of strong cloves, so maybe that's why you don't like it all that much. The mochi is not strong at all--just a light pumpkin and slight spice taste. You can reduce the amount of pumpkin spice so more of the cinnamon comes through. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Yes, Jessica! You read that right. I searched on-line and found a great "healthful" recipe for mac and cheese. I modified it with some additions like spinach and kale and some cut-up hot italian sausages. You use sharp cheddar cheese, and there are other cheeses, too. It is sooooo healthful! The pumpkin means there's less cheese overall.

    Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Sounds yummy, Cheryl and gluten-free! But as I'm from Canada, I'm curious how much butter 2 cubes is. Our butter doesn't come in cubes. It comes in 2 cup packages.

  6. Thanks, Sandra! The two cubes would be 1 cup. Our butter comes in one pound packages divided into four cubes (each cube is 1/2 cup).

    I hadn't thought about it, but, yes, I guess this recipe is gluten free, huh?

    Thanks so much for your visit. After the first of the year sometime I'll make the coconut mochi and post that recipe too.


I love hearing from my readers! Mahalo for visiting and commenting. Aloha! --Cheryl