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Monday, November 14, 2011

King Kalakaua’s Birthday

Hawaiians celebrate King David Kalakaua’s birthday every year on November 16th. The Merrie Monarch earned his nickname because he loved music, dancing, parties, and fine food and beverages.

His wife was Queen Kapiolani and together they had Iolani Palace built to give them a more luxurious home.

Much of Hawaii’s culture (like hula and chants) experienced a nice revival during the king’s reign, but his time was short as he became ill and died in 1891 at the age of 54.

There are a couple events on Oahu which celebrate King Kalakaua’s birthday including:

King Kalakaua Statue Lei Draping Ceremony where leis are placed on the statue of the king.

Waikiki King Kalakaua Parade which includes vehicles and marchers parading down Kalakaua Boulevard.

These two events take place on the Big Island (Hawaii) and are named after the king:

Merrie Monarch Festival is a week-long hula competition.

Kalakaua Festival in Hilo’s Kalakaua Park where every year there is a Merrie Monarch Roayal Parade, and a festival with hula, ukuleles, storytelling, food, and arts.

Time to break out your hula skirt or ukulele and celebrate!

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  1. I am lucky to have found this interesting blog! Enjoy every read!

  2. Thanks for the history lesson, Cheryl. Very interesting!

  3. Great history lesson. Hawaii is so interesting.

  4. Thanks, Rahul!! What a wonderful comment to read--so glad you're enjoying my blog.

  5. Thanks, Lindsay! I think it's fun to learn history in little snippets. I do a lot of this on my blog, but then I also have other fun things too. Next Monday I'll be posting one of Luana's recipes. This Thursday I'll talk about my blog award, and will be giving some fun info about my year in Hawaii!

    Hope you continue to visit.

  6. Thanks, Loree, for visiting and commenting! Yes, Hawaii is very interesting. I'm learning as much researching my blog as my visitors are reading it.

    Stay tuned for some fun things coming up--like a link to "The Night Before Christmas" done in Pidgin English--you'll love it, and so will any other adults and kids in your family.


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