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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get To Know Me!!!

A great big thank you to Brandi Boddie (Brandi Boddie - Penning Praises) for giving me The Tell Me About Yourself Blog Award! Then, a few days later, I received the award from Casey Herringshaw Writing for Christ~~The Audience of One as well! Funny, because I think my award to her crossed paths with hers! Thank you, ladies!

Part of receiving this award is telling seven things about yourself, so I decided to tell you some things about me related to the time I lived in Hawaii.

1.    I actually learned to surf! It was fun because my friends gave me a nice long surfboard—perfect for beginners, and took me to an area where the waves were large enough to ride, but small enough for a rank beginner.
2.    I also body surfed, but ended up getting dropped by a big swell onto the shore and then dragged through the sand back into the swell. This scenario repeated itself over and over until my swimsuit was totally filled with sand. I didn’t worry one second about my safety—only about losing my suit!
3.    When snorkeling I was sure I saw an eel. I yelped and told my friend who promptly dove under to rescue me. When he popped up he informed me it was just a pipefish. You can read about this adventure and see a photo by clicking here: Pipefish 
4.    I took hula classes at The University of Hawaii and loved it. In the years since then, I have been able to teach a sit-down hula to kids, performed at my wedding reception, and performed at an event at a local shopping center.
5.    During my time in Hawaii I lived in a YMCA, then the college dorms, and finally a little house with five other girls. You can read a little about my dorm and see a photo of the Atherton YMCA by clicking here: Atherton
6.    While attending The University of Hawaii at Manoa, I was able to take all kinds of classes about the island. In my geology class we ventured into Diamond Head crater and searched for olivine. As well as dancing hula, I also sang in Hawaiian chorus at school.
7.    I participated in our dorm’s luau where we cooked a pig in an imu (a pit in the ground with hot rocks that works like an oven.) I served food and danced a Filipino dance with some friends as part of the entertainment.

What great memories!!!

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Mahalo for visiting!



  1. Thank you so much for this award, Cheryl. Truly.

    Every time I visit your blog, it makes me want to travel. I think Hawaii must go on my Bucket List.

    P.S. - The story about the sand in your suit makes me laugh. :)

  2. Congrats on your award!

    Love surfing. I windsurf..and I've body surfed in Lake Michigan and the Atlantic.

  3. Thank you for the award, Cheryl! It means a lot. :)

    I just tried boogie boarding for the first time this last summer. My suit was filled to the brim with sand!

  4. Thanks so much for this cool award, Cheryl! Loved reading about your time in Hawaii - what a fun opportunity! I look forward to answering these questions and passing the award along. Enjoy your week! Hugs & Blessings!

  5. Thanks for your faithful visits and comments, Rhonda! And you absolutely MUST put Hawaii on your bucket list. I recommend a cruise. We stayed 3 days on Oahu and then cruised for 7 days to other islands. It was amazing!

  6. Thanks, Loree, for supporting my blog! And--you're a surfer--very cool. My son tried windsurfing on a lake. He loved it even though he spent half his time in the water or trying to pull up the sail. I must admit it was pretty fun to watch. I must admit I haven't been body surfing since my major "sand incident!"

  7. You are very welcome, Lindsay! So, if you got a lot of sand in your suit when boogie boarding, it means you must have fallen off a lot??? I've never tried boogie boarding, but my brother and his family love it. Enjoy your award!

  8. Isn't this is a fun and cool award??? I loved getting it--and enjoyed passing it on. Now I get to read about you and some of your fun stories. Everyone has such varied and interesting stories about themselves and their lives, huh? Blessings and Hugs right back!!

  9. These were great fun facts! Surfing isn't something I'd try. I'm too scared of JAWS!

    I did attend a Luau in the Bahamas once. It was great fun. Congrats on the award! Yay!

  10. Thanks, Linda! I wouldn't be at this point if it weren't for YOU!

  11. Yeah, the whole shark thing is kinda scary--especially after seeing Soul Surfer!

    Thanks for your support, Jessica!

  12. Thank you! I planned to get here earlier and life took over! I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with many blessings!!

  13. Thank you, Terri! I had a great day and am now trying to play "catch-up!" Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.


I love hearing from my readers! Mahalo for visiting and commenting. Aloha! --Cheryl