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Monday, November 7, 2011

Luana Shares! (Part 2)

I am thrilled to have my friend, Luana, share about her experiences growing up in Hawaii. You will love learning about the place she calls home!

This is part 2. Be sure to check out part 1 from last Thursday!

Luana grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, the same as my niece, Nicole, whom I interviewed on September 13, 16, and 20 of 2010. Thank you so much for sharing with my blog readers, Luana.
What is your favorite part of Hawaiian culture?

My favorite part of the Hawaiian culture was all the flowers everywhere, and the way we all gave leis to each other during celebrations. For example, the smell of the auditorium on graduation day was breathtaking—a memory and smell I will never forget. I also love the Hawaiian music and dancing, every song and dance tells a wonderful story. I love the way life was simple there.

What are your favorite Hawaiian foods to cook?

I love to make shoyu chicken, mochi, kalua pig.

What recipes would you like to share with my readers? (I will post the recipes after the interview series is complete)

Various flavored mochi, shoyu chicken, coconut pineapple cream cheese dip, and mango bread.

What other things did you do with your friends?

Growing up, my friends and I spent a lot of time playing outside. Games like hide-n-go seek at night, and dodge ball. We loved burrowing little tunnels through the bushes, and building tree houses. Every Halloween all the neighbor kids would get together and build a "haunted house". Boy were they good!!!! At Christmas time, a typical Christmas tree in Hawaii was a Norfolk Pine. Norfolk’s were plentiful in Hawaii, which made for a more affordable Christmas tree. Other kinds of Christmas trees were shipped over from the Mainland by boat, which made them more expensive to purchase. But I remember vividly the one year my parents let us buy a beautiful Douglas fir tree for Christmas. It smelled AMAZING!!! 

Did you have a favorite “hang-out”?

My favorite hang-out was at a beach called "Lele'iwi beach park". I liked it there because it was a safe place to swim, and we would usually run into a friend or two while there. It was a good hang-out! We also liked to hang-out at the roller rink. 

What fun to be a kid in Hawaii!! Join me again on Thursday for the final part of my series with Luana. You won’t want to miss it—you get to discover what kind of shocking mischief this sweet lady got into as a kid—OH MY!

Mahalo for visiting!



  1. Hawaii sounds amazing. I have never been there, but hubby and I plan to take a trip in the next 2 years...for a milestone anniversary.

    When I was young, I knew a teacher and she was from Hawaii. I was part of her dance group. We would dress in our real grass skirts with flowers in our hair, and we performed at different community functions. I still remember performing "One Paddle Two Paddle, three paddle, four to take me home..."

    I love the flowers too.

    Great post. Wonderful to hear from Luana.

  2. Hey, Cheryl. Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Tell Me About Yourself Blog Award. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks, Loree, for visiting and sharing about your experience with your teacher. I just love the culture in Hawaii and can't wait to get over there again myself.

    And the flowers are amazing! I made my own leis out of plumerias--gorgeous!

  4. Thank you, Brandi!! I've seen different awards on people's blogs but don't have a clue how all that works. You'll have to fill me in, huh?

    I LOVE the honor--thank you so much. And thanks for visiting and commenting.

  5. So fun to reminisce about the Big Island, as I read Luana's responses to your questions! I've only been there once, but one of my favorite things to do was snorkel. The water is so clear and the fish so colorful. God has truly created some beautiful places, hasn't He?! Blessings to you and Luana!

  6. Thank you, Maria! Yes, God has created beauty all over this world. The Pacific NW where I live is very different than Hawaii, but I love them both for very different reasons.

    I must admit, I can't wait to get back to the islands!

    Thanks for the visit and your comment, Maria!

  7. Thanks for taking us to the exotic destination of Hawaii and to get a first hand account of the lovely place!

  8. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Rahul!

    I loved Hawaii when I lived there and am re-living many moments through my blog and through my books!

    I hope you'll visit again.

  9. I want to live in flip-flops in Hawaii!!!!! I'm not sure whether to thank you for this first-hand lovely account, or not:).

  10. Mischief? I don't believe it. *grin*

  11. Hi Cheryl!

    I've never been to Hawaii but would love to visit! I have other family members who have been there several times and they loved it!

    This is such a cute interview ~ will be on the look-out for the third segment!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave such a lovely comment!

    Take care and see you soon *smiles*

  12. Thanks, Fiona, for the visit and your wonderful comment! I hope you make it to the islands someday. They really are a treasure. In the meantime, enjoy them through my blog! :-)

    Yup, Jessica, she did! Check it out on Thursday.

    Dandelion--come back again and again--you can experience the islands from a distance. I have some great recipes coming up as well as lots of fun and interesting posts. Hope you make it to Hawaii someday! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!


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