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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Brother’s Trip to Hawaii

Okay, so I’m taking another detour from my fruit blogs! Today is my brother’s birthday. Hau`oli Lā Hānau, Rob!

In honor of his special day, I talked to him about his family’s spring trip to Hawaii. It was a first-time visit for all of them except Rob. He experienced Hawaii back in the 70’s when he served in the navy.

They hunkered down on Oahu for their entire stay. The best part of the trip for the three kids was Boogie Boarding! They’d get up early and spend most of the day in the water. The place they rented was right on the beach, just steps from the ocean.

My Kona Sunrise Coffee and Mugs
They also drove around the island and visited lots of other beaches and sites. I guess they never found the location we loved (near Haleiwa) where we swam with the giant turtles. But they did find lots of other fun things, including good shopping. They brought me back some Kona Coffee and two black mugs (decorated with gold) from Maui Divers Jewelry. I drink my coffee from those mugs every morning!

During their shopping excursions they also found some great jewelry (I do love those turtle necklaces!) and T-shirts.

I still love and wear my T-shirt from Pipeline—I really need to go back and get a new one! Where’s my checkbook????

Join me again next Thursday for more fun with fruit! But first, on Monday, my blog will be entitled Pau Hana. Any idea what that phrase means?

Mahalo for visiting!


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