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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Me At Puck’s Alley

Just on the outskirts of the University of Hawaii Manoa campus is a quaint little shopping center called Puck’s Alley.

I remember shopping the little shops, and I’m sure I ate at some of the food places. For sure I ate often at McGoo’s Pizza. (click on McGoo’s to go to my post about the favorite student hang-out from my UH student days.)

One review I read says The Curry House is the best eatery in Puck’s Alley today. My hubby is from Burma and he’s grown up eating tons of curry—we still do! But, my heart longs for the rowdy student crowd at McGoo’s—ahhhh . . . those were the days!

Other places to visit while at Puck’s Alley include the bikini shop, surf shop, Izakaya Japanese restaurant, the Greek restaurant, Nijiya Market, coffee shop, and The Varsity Bar and Grill (took over McGoo’s former location).

Do you know of other stores and eateries in Puck’s Alley? Leave a comment or e-mail me and let me know. Next time I’m in Honolulu I plan to walk through the little shopping center and see how many memories it conjures up.

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