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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hau’oli la Ho’omana’o! (Part 1)

That’s Happy Anniversary (Hau’oli la Ho’omana’o.) My husband, Harrison, and I have been married a long time now! Tomorrow is our thirty-third wedding anniversary. It’s not one of the landmark ones, but isn’t every anniversary special?

Even though we’re not celebrating by going to Hawaii (Crummies! I was hoping to do that) we will celebrate with our kids and go out for a special dinner.

We have three children, Ian, Ashley (and her husband, Dave,) and Shane.

Ashley and Dave’s anniversary is also coming up in a few days. It’s their third. They were married in the same church almost exactly thirty years after us!

We had a "fruit" luau for our reception. A couple of my friends danced, and I performed a traditional hula that a bride dances for her new husband.

Enjoy these photos from our wedding. I’ll continue this post on Monday with some photos from Ashley’s wedding. Celebrate with us!

Hmm . . . maybe next year all six of us will make it to Hawaii. Great plan, don’t you think?

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  1. Oh wow, this is so awesome! I love these photos and got a huge kick out of that blue tux! LOL. The two of you are so adorable! I would have been way too shy to do a hula for my husband, that is awesome, awesome, awesome! And how unique! Loved this post. Write on!

  2. Thanks, Karla! We were very poor at the time and had to do our own wedding, so I made my dress, we used potted plants instead of flowers and cut our own fruit for the luau! And, of course, our friends donated their time as musicians, dancers, and fruit cutters. My bridesmaids wore Jiffy Dresses--remember those?? The smocking on top--one seam up the side and attach the straps?

    It was a GREAT wedding!

  3. Thanks, Linda! And, again, thanks for your support.


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