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Monday, November 12, 2012

Ahhh . . . Amazing Hawaiian Food and Fun!

This is the second post for my interview with Tamara Ching.

Today it's mostly about food--with a little sand fun thrown in.

Itsu's--Tamara's Favorite
Ice Shave Shop
What was your favorite Shave Ice flavor?
First off, there is always the question as to whether or not it is Shave Ice or Ice Shave…..I’ve always called it “Ice Shave”. So with that cleared up, my favorite was pineapple and coconut mixed to make a pina colada flavor, or straight banana. We’d always get our Ice Shave from a little old fishing supply store called Itsu’s. They were a fishing supply store but also had a wide variety of candy, snacks, and other food items. It was an almost daily stop for us.

Sand Castle Fun!
Did you learn the hula or go surfing, and at what age?
No, I never learned the hula or went surfing. Now I wish I had learned the hula. We did more boogie boarding or body surfing the waves. I did however love building sand castles, sand turtles and sand dolphins.  At 45 years of age now, I will still will sit in the sand with any child, and help them make a formation.  It’s fun to see how excited they are to see it when it’s done.

What is your favorite food?
Ume-a Japanese pickled plum
Mochi-another Japanese favorite made with rice flour
Spam Musubi-rice molded into a rectangle with a slice of spam in the middle and seaweed wrapped around it. It was a favorite beach lunch snack
Manapua-A Chinese sweet bun with char siu pork in the middle of it

Kalua Pig and Lomi Lomi Salmon
What is your favorite Hawaiian food?
My favorite Hawaiian food is:
Kalua Pig
Lau Lau
And Lomi lomi salmon

What are your favorite Hawaiian foods to cook?
Quite often I will make an oven version of Kalua Pig, and lomi lomi salmon.

Thank you so much for sharing, Tamara! I have more interview to share and then later (when I have a chance to prepare it myself) I'll share her recipe for lomi lomi salmon. Visit my recipe page to see the recipe from my niece for Kalua Pig. It's pretty much like Tamara's with a Traeger version too!

Aloha and Mahalo for Visiting!

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  1. Eeeps! Not sure I'd like all that meat and rice! lol Good thing I don't live there. Heh.

    1. You don't like fruit much, either, huh, Jessica??? You WOULD have a hard time in the islands! But I'm sure you'd love the gorgeous scenery and amazing culture!


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