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Monday, April 11, 2011

Book ‘Em, Danno!

Sound familiar? The phrase was spoken by Steve McGarrett to Danny Williams on the 1970’s TV series, Hawaii Five-O. Anyone remember those days or the show?

When I lived in Honolulu, my friends and I used to wish we could somehow get on the show. I had one friend who would tell his family and friends, “Be sure to watch Hawaii Five-O this week—and pay attention!” How mean was that?

Guess what? Two people I knew actually were on the show (but not any of my UH friends.) I’ve seen them on re-runs, but I haven’t found any re-runs on TV in recent years. Maybe I should start a campaign to bring them back.

What I do watch now is the re-make of the show. It’s on tonight (Monday) and I would encourage you to watch it. At first I was a little disappointed the characters were not at all who and what they were in the original, even though they had the same names. But the show has grown on me. I’m loving the characters, (especially Danny,) the scenery, and the stories.

I plan to give you updates on my favorite (or not so favorite) things from the series in weeks to come. Watch and let me know your thoughts.

For more information and to see a list and re-cap of episodes, visit this site:


And you can see a full episode and many clips at Hulu (type in Hawaii Five-O into the search box.)


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  1. You got it. Your books should be the next to see the big screen and then we can all say, "Book 'em Cheryl!"

  2. You're sooooooo funny, Linda!

    Too bad our books can't sit next to each other in the book stores, huh? Guess people will just have to walk the distance between your Suspense Novels and my Middle Grade Mysteries!


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