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Monday, October 11, 2010

One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe . . .

Three, Four, Piled By The Door!

When I first arrived in Hawaii at age 19, I had a friend from The University of Oregon (Go Ducks!!!—sorry, couldn’t resist) who took me around and introduced me to several interesting places around Oahu, and to many family members and friends.

I was surprised when I walked into a house one day and saw a pile of shoes at the entry.

What are all these shoes doing here? Are they going to have a sale or something? Maybe they’re for Goodwill.

Then I noticed no one was wearing shoes (except yours truly—the total mainlander!) Finally my friend said, “Cheryl, take off your shoes!” I was totally embarrassed. But, honestly, I didn’t know what was proper for me to do. I’d never gone barefoot indoors in Oregon. Your poor feet would freeze to death in Oregon weather!

I came back to Oregon in the summer, so I naturally took off my shoes, and left them at the entry. A few minutes later, my mom marched into my room, shoes in tow, and tossed them on my floor. Hmm . . . don’t think she appreciated the whole “piles of shoes by the entry” thing!

Now when I go to my niece’s house—guess what?? I see the familiar pile of shoes when I enter the house. Now, it's easy to slip flip-flops on and off during the summer, but boots and shoes in the winter??? And then my poor feet turn into little popscicles!

Sigh . . . guess I'd better wear extra thick socks!



  1. It must be a warm weather thing because we always take off our shoes in my house and yep, they're piled by the door. :-)

  2. I'll have to research the custom. I always thought it was an Asian custom, but it could be weather related. I just thought I'd share my funny experience with my readers!

    Thanks for your support, Jessica!

  3. We always leave our shoes by the door, but its not a hospitality thing so much as its my husband's obsession with our carpet. 0_0

    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  4. Yeah, I've had to do that in people's homes because they have new carpet or new wood floors. That was the hardest part of looking at homes--constantly taking off your shoes! And, of course, it never ended up being summer when I was in flip-flops. Always winter when in boots!

  5. Yep, just wear warm socks - I now have a couple of friends who live in "no shoes" houses - here in the nippy Northwest. Another friend gave me wool socks last winter - I think these will be my mainstay.

  6. Yup! That's what I need for sure--wool socks. Great idea!

  7. I started writing about this custom in Japan, but it turned into more of a blog post! Please check it out at http://coachleslieinjapan.typepad.com/this_that_and_whatever_co/

  8. Thanks, Leslie! Your history/cultural lesson was great.

    And I greatly appreciate your support. <3

  9. Oops! Thought the <3 would make a heart like it does on Facebook! Anyway, lots of "hearts" your way, Leslie!


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