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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Than Wiggles and Waves


Ever danced the hula??

Did you wiggle your hips and wag your hands? That’s what you usually see when someone tries the hula.

But, the hula is all about foot and leg-work to get those hips to more right. With your knees bent and small steps, side to side, you work your hips into a rhythm. It’s a lot of work, but looks amazingly smooth and beautiful.

Now, the hand movements are a bit hard for me to explain. It’s definitely NOT a wave. It’s like you’re extending your fingers to pick a small flower between your thumb and middle finger, then pull the fingers and hand back, combined with a bend at the wrist. Okay—everyone try that!

Of course there are the added hand and arm movements that tell a story. There are also additional feet movements. But, seriously, let’s just try the basic movement! Stand up, everyone—bend those knees and take small steps, pushing the hips into rhythm. Now add the “plucking” fingers/hands. Cool! Sorry, can’t see you, but I bet you’ve got it!

I took Hawaiian Dance while at the University of Hawaii. Absolutely loved it! Since that time I have performed the hula (even at my own wedding) and taught classes for kids. Once I even performed on stage at a large mall in Portland. Haven’t done it for a while, and don’t remember the movements to the various dances. Hmm . . . maybe I should find some classes to attend!

Come back on Thursday to learn more about the instruments I used while dancing! You’ll find them fascinating!

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  1. Cheryl, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Love to watch the hula...it's so graceful and warm. One of my good friends who is 86, has been dancing the hula for the last decade...she has to walk with a cane, but you'd never believe it when she starts dancing!

  2. Cool!!! Hope that's me in a few years. Now I really must find a class and get going, huh?


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