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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Silent Night--The Hawaii Connection

It's December!! And if you’re like me, you’re going to watch a lot of Christmas movies during the month.

The movie, Silent Night, is based on a true story that happened in a cabin in the Ardennes Forest on Christmas Eve during World War II. I really enjoyed the movie, and was surprised to hear about all the factual information actually used in the movie. Hollywood, of course, had to increase the drama and conflict, but overall it reflected the essence of what happened.

Then my son informed me about the real-life little boy in the movie, Fritz Vincken, and how he came to America as an adult to locate the American soldiers and did find one of them who had been a part of his special Christmas Eve in 1944. He stayed in America and eventually settled—guess where??? YesHawaii!

So, how cool is that??

Fritz became a baker and lived in Honolulu until shortly before he died on December 8, 2002 in Oregon. Another connection for me! I grew up in Oregon, and only recently moved across the Columbia River into SW Washington.

Do you know any amazing movies based in Hawaii or about Hawaiians? Or, maybe a true story with a Hawaiian connection? I especially love a great story that is also TRUE!!!

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  1. Wow, I've seen that movie and that's cool trivia about the character.

  2. Isn't it an amazing story, Linda?? For some reason I was checking on-line to find out how much of the movie was based in fact (my son had told me it was a true story) when I discovered all the info on the Hawaii (and the Oregon) connection! Thanks for your support! Merry Christmas and Aloha! --Cheryl


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