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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kimo Aways Has Something To Say!

The kids of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club have previously solved two mysteries and just finished up with their third one. You can read all about it in Ukuleles Undercover.

Kimo is a fun one to interview because he always has something to say. Enjoy!

Questions and Answers from Kimo

Kimo, you have a real love/hate relationship with Leilani, huh?

Leilani’s a super good detective, but she doesn’t think I’m good. But I’m real smart and do good at snooping and stuff. I also saved Leilani, Maile and Sam when they were trapped in that old shed in the pineapple fields.
Yes, you did! Is your sister going to let you be an official member of the club?

I dunno. But she’s teaching me lots of way cool stuff. She says I’m in training to be a real detective.
I know you helped out with the music school mystery. What was your favorite part?

When we spied on Mr. Lee. Leilani slipped and made a noise so I had to make sure he didn’t catch us. I did real good, so I bet Leilani will let me be a real detective now. (Kimo puffs his chest and grins)
Hmm . . . Well, I don’t know about that, but I hear you have an admirer. Abby Edwards?

(Kimo grimaces) I don’t want any ole admirer, ’cause she always follows me around and looks at me funny and sometimes even touches me. Yuck!
I laugh. How do you like taking ukulele lessons?

Playing the uke is way fun. Leilani hates it, but she’s taking lessons because she loves being a detective—all that spying and snooping stuff. I’m the bestest ’cause I love both the uke and being a detective.
I must agree, Kimo. Thanks for visiting.

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!
The Hawaiian Island Detective Club
Book One—Pineapples in Peril
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Book Two—Menehunes Missing
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Book Three—Ukuleles Undercover
RELEASES August 6, 2013


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