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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Introducing MEAN Mr. Edwards!

Here's the second new character you haven't met before, Mr. Edwards!

The kids have now solved two mysteries and just finished up with their third one. You can read all about it in Ukuleles Undercover.

Let's see what "Mean Mr. Edwards" has to say today, after getting caught up with the crazy Hawaiian Island Detective Club!

Questions and Answers from Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards, how are you connected with the kids of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club?

I’m a math teacher at the school. Leilani, Maile and Brandon are in my class. Through them I met Sam. And Kimo . . . well, he’s an amazing kid and my daughter, Abby, adores him. She and Kimo are in the same ukulele class. ’Course Kimo is annoyed by her constant attention. (Mr. Edwards chuckles) I think Leilani finds it amusing—kind of payback for all the annoying stuff Kimo does to her.
I hear the kids call you “Mean Mr. Edwards.”

(He laughs and shakes his head) I figure any good teacher has high expectations of his students. But I also try to temper that with encouragement and praise. Leilani sees that “mean” side more often than she’d like.
About Leilani, she’s pretty good at math, huh?

Yes, she is. That’s why my expectations of her are really high. I even invited her to participate in the Math Masters Club, and she’s doing quite well. Can’t wait for the first competition to see her shine. I know Olivia will be very proud of her.
Olivia? Oh, yes! I heard there was something going on between you and Leilani’s mom.

(Mr. Edwards’ cheeks turn red) Olivia is a wonderful woman and she’s done a great job with Leilani and Kimo, especially during this past year after her husband’s death.
How do Leilani and Kimo feel about you and their mom spending time together?

Kimo seems fine. He’s more worried about having Abby hanging around. (Mr. Edwards sighs) Leilani is definitely having a difficult time. She feels I’m trying to replace her dad . . . and that her mom doesn’t love her dad anymore.
That’s a tough thing.

Yeah, but Olivia is amazing. She’s taking her time with our relationship and spending time reassuring Leilani of her dad’s place in her heart forever. No one will ever replace him, but someday someone will add something different and meaningful to her heart.
(I grin) Thanks for visiting, Mr. Edwards. Good luck with all those crazy connections you and Abby have with the Akamai family.

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

The Hawaiian Island Detective Club
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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Mr. Edwards! :-)

    1. He's a great new adult character--I'm excited to have him on board. Thanks, Karla, for visiting and commenting. Aloha! --Cheryl


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