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Monday, August 26, 2013

Leilani Speaks Out!

Time to interview my characters again! They've now solved two mysteries and just finished up with their third one. You can read all about it in Ukuleles Undercover.

Let's see what Leilani has on her mind today, after catching the culprit who was threatening the music school.

Questions and Answers from Leilani

So, Leilani, what was it like being an undercover detective at the music school?

I love spying and snooping around, but I wasn’t very happy at all with the whole taking-ukulele-lessons thing. But it was totally fun meeting Brandon in my math class.
So . . . I’m guessing Brandon was your favorite part of solving this mystery?

Uhhh . . . no . . . I mean, Brandon’s cool and all. (Leilani blushes) I needed a new surfing buddy since Kainoa’s so busy with the high school surfing team, and Brandon’s a great surfer.
I’ve heard something about you tossing Brandon aside like a moldy mango. You gonna do that for real?

(Leilani bursts out laughing) No! That’s just something that annoying Carly Rivers says. Brandon’s cool and we both like shave-ice too.

Oh, yes! Did I hear something about a funny incident at the shave-ice shop?

Yeah, well, I was a mess, but at least the slime covered the blotches on my face.

Long story. But I can tell you this—hives are no fun.

Speaking of “no fun,” did I hear something about that “Mean Mr. Edwards” making you participate in Math Masters?

Yeah. It’s actually kinda fun—lots of interesting and challenging math games, but I’m totally scared of the competitions.
And what about your mom and Mr. Edwards?

(Leilani rolls her eyes) Kimo thinks Mr. Edwards is Mom’s boyfriend, but I didn’t think so at first because I couldn’t believe she’d forget about Dad like that. (She sighs) But then Mom explained that there’s lots of love in her heart for Dad, me, Kimo and anyone else who might come into our lives.

Your mom is very wise, Leilani. Thanks for visiting.

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

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  1. I love the cute stories they do make me chuckle.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Diana! I hope you'll have lots of fun reading my posts. Aloha! --Cheryl


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