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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing! Brandon Charles!!

Time to interview my characters again! And here's a new character you haven't met before, Brandon Charles!

The kids have now solved two mysteries and just finished up with their third one. You can read all about it in Ukuleles Undercover.

Let's see what Brandon has to say today, after getting caught up with the crazy Hawaiian Island Detective Club!

Questions and Answers from Brandon

So, Brandon, how did you end up involved with The Hawaiian Island Detective Club?

I met Leilani in math class and then discovered that she lived just down the street from me. Leilani got me involved in some mystery thing happening at the music school, but I totally do not like spying and investigating. I’m a surfer guy and I like cars, too, just like Sam. He’s a pretty cool guy. ‘Course Maile and Leilani think Sam’s belching is annoying, but I think it’s pretty cool and wish I had that skill.
So, if you don’t like mysteries, were you able to help Leilani, Maile, Sam and Kimo catch the culprit at all?

(Brandon groans) Yeah, I did volunteer to help Leilani a little, but never again! It ended in disaster.
Hmm . . . that’s not what I heard.

Well, I guess it’s how you look at it. Believe me—I won’t be doing any more snooping or going on any stake-outs again.

(Brandon sighs) ’Course it may not be so easy if I’m hanging out with Leilani. She’s way into this detective stuff.

Oh! So you and Leilani are hanging out, huh?

Uh . . . (Brandon’s face turns bright red) Sometimes we go surfing . . . and maybe get some shave-ice.
You’re new to the island, right?

Yup. Just moved here from Oregon. My mom got totally burned out on all the foul weather there. She wanted lots more sunshine.

I didn’t know they surfed in Oregon.

They do, but you have to wear a wetsuit most of the year. I have a bunch of friends in California so I visited them a lot to ride some great waves and work on my skills.
Thanks for visiting, Brandon, and I hope we’ll hear more from you—maybe even see you involved in another mystery!

Yeah, right! (Brandon waves me off, and I chuckle)

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

The Hawaiian Island Detective Club
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Book Two—Menehunes Missing
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Book Three—Ukuleles Undercover
RELEASES August 6, 2013



  1. Wow I think Brandon thinks he is to cool. I would love finding answers. I love mysteries.

    1. Brandon is a fun new character--you'll get to know him, Diana, if you read Ukuleles Undercover! And if you really want to have a fun "finding the answers" adventure, get hold of Menehunes Missing and try to figure out the fun clues! Aloha! --Cheryl


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