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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leilani's Thoughts Revealed!

In case you didn't get a chance to connect with any of the fun interviews with The Hawaiian Island Detective Club characters, I'm going spend the next few blog posts sharing them with you. I talked with each character after they'd completed their second mystery, Menehunes Missing. Today I'm interviewing Leilani:

So, Leilani, what is like being a detective with The Hawaiian Island Detective Club?

Amazing! Maile, Sam and I have been friends since kindergarten when we used to dig in the sand and build castles. They’re the greatest, and even though they may think my stakeout ideas are crazy, they always help me—and we always nail the culprit! ‘Course then there’s Sam’s annoying belching—gross.
What was your favorite part of solving this mystery?

(Leilani giggles) Getting my annoying, itchy cast off!
Actually, I loved spying on Mrs. Wong and watching Kimo do a great diversion job. He may be my annoying I-know-everything little brother, but he really is a good detective. Oh, but don’t tell him I said that—he’ll bother me forever about being a real member of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club.
What about Kimo? Is he still blackmailing you?

Naw. He does know some secrets about me from both mysteries, but as long as I give him some important jobs to do, he won’t tell Mom.

Were you ever scared while solving this mystery?

Only when I thought Kainoa was trapped in a fire. Seeing all that smoke freaked me out big-time! (Leilani blushes) He’s my surfing buddy, and . . . well . . .
Oh, yes, we know!

I mean, have you ever seen Kainoa surf? He’s amazing.

(I wink at Leilani and her face flushes red again) Summer’s over now and school’s about to start. Do you think you’ll have time for another mystery?

(Leilani grins) I don’t know, but I’ll be on the lookout for sure.
Thanks for visiting, Leilani!

Faithful readers, come back next time for a visit with Maile, then Sam and finally, Kimo! Are there other characters you'd like me to interview?? Kainoa? Carly? Mrs. Wong? What would you like me to ask them?

Leilani Undercover???
Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

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