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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kids Say Such Great Things

I've been receiving comments from parents and kids about Pineapples in Peril.

I'd love to share with you some of the things they're saying--and would love to have you e-mail me your comments--or comments from the kids in your life. Enjoy!

Also, see what Kimo, age 10, has to say about his experience in Menehunes Missing. Visit Lisa Lickel's Blog! And Lisa and I would love to have you leave a comment!

This is such a great book! –A Fourth Grader
Thank you for writing my favorite book ever! –Emma
I love this book—My favorite book! The best thing about it is the mystery. Annika
I am totally a fan of you! –Amanda
It's the best mystery book I've ever read and I think it's now my favorite book. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out. You write good books. –Iyana (age 10)
Your book is awesome! –Jadon
We love your book so far! –Nakkita (the class is reading it at school)
I love the book you wrote and can't wait till the next ones come out. You should write more books for the Hawaiian Island Detective Club series. Annika (age 10)
This is a very good book with some excellent morals we can learn from: like treating your siblings with love and respecting your parents. I really liked Leilani and felt her loss and victories. –Maddie

My daughter, who is not a huge reader, is loving her copy!  She is reading Pineapples in Peril and I don’t have to push her to read the 15 minutes she’s supposed to read every day! –A Mom
My son was super excited to show his class the book that you autographed. He has already finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is already excited about the next book in the series! –A Mom
My thirteen-year-old twin girls just finished reading Pineapples in Peril and both loved the book. One particularly focused on the characters. "I felt like I knew them by the time I got to the end." She also enjoyed how the author built the plot in such a way that kept her guessing. My other twin writes: "What I liked was the never-ending excitement, as well as the atmosphere of intensity growing with every page. I enjoyed how Leilani includes her brother even though he gets on her nerves." –A Mom
Bethany loved your first book! I will be ordering this one for her. –A Mom
The fifth-grade class in library this morning were so excited to check out Pineapples in Peril! Also, a few of the students who had purchased books were carrying them into library. I had one student tell me she has already read it all the way through one time and is in the process of reading it a second time because "it is soooo good!" –C. Reed, Librarian

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