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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let’s Play Konane!

Start Setting Up Papamu
Konane is an ancient Hawaiian game that is played much like our checkers. You set up the board by running a diagonal line of kea (white) `ili`ili (stones) on the board and then a row of `ele (black) `ili`ili (stones) along either side. Continue until the entire board is filled. These photos are of my playing board. The following instructions (and additional information) are from this website:

* Konane requires two players to sit on opposite sides of the papamu (game board)

See The Two Empty Spots? Ready to Play!
* One player is chosen to take one kea (white) and one `ele (black) from anywhere on the papamu (game board)

* Player holds one in each lima (hand) behind their back

* Player shows closed fists to opponent who chooses a lima (hand)

* Opponent is assigned the color of the `ili`ili (stones) in the hand that was chosen. `Ele (black) goes first, but this may not be an absolute rule—you decide!

* `Ele moves by lele (jumping) and `ai (eating) kea
The last player to be able to move is the kulanakila (victor)—YAY!

Enjoy, and Good Luck!

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

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  1. Interesting! And I'm positive this game is waaayy more fun and far more effective if played in the islands there in a grass skirt with flip-flops. That's how I'd do it!

    Smiling and waving,


    P.S. - Hope all is going well with the writing this spring. :)

    1. Tee-Hee, Rhonda!!!
      I think I need to go book a ticket right now, then pack my grass skirt and flip-flops.
      Aloha! --Cheryl

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fun game!

    It was great to see you @ Life Lessons! Hawaii is an amazingly beautiful place. Interesting tidbit of information your niece shared! I'd love to go back to Haleakala National Park - when the weather is warmer! Have a fantastic week! God bless!

    1. Thanks, Maria!
      I've been to the Big Island, but never to Haleakala. There is sooooo much to discover and enjoy in Hawaii. Maybe someday I'll get to do most everything!!??
      Aloha! --Cheryl

  3. Oh my goodness! How long did you live there? lol YOu know tons!

    1. I lived there a year, but I was young, had tons of time and friends, and I LOVED learning everything I could about the islands. A lot of what I blog about I've researched, but I did buy this game when I lived there. It's fun!

      Thanks for your support, Jessica!
      Aloha! --Cheryl


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