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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unwanted Predator

The Brown Tree Snake is not welcome in Hawaii. In the 1950’s the snake somehow found it’s way to Guam and is now a major problem there. It has affected the bird population in Guam and is extremely venomous to humans as well.

So, how could this snake possibly get to Hawaii? From the wheel-wells of incoming planes from Guam as well as in cargo and possibly even from ships.

Hawaii has implemented an interesting plan to track down these unwelcome nuisanses. Guam has used dogs to sniff out the snakes for a number of years, and Hawaii now does the same thing. I saw a program on a cable network about these canine “sniffers,” but couldn’t find more info on them. They keep one caged snake at the airport so the dogs can identify the scent.

Keep on sniffing, little doggies!!

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  1. Cheryl.... yikes. I hate snakes in any shape, color, form, length, pattern--anything at all! We don't have them in Alaska (naturally, at least), but my daughter is one of the managers of a pet supply store in Anchorage and she came home the other night and told me a snake had somehow gotten loose. It's little right now, but could grow to be 5 feet long! I told her they'd find it one day--just follow the screams of a customer who accidentally comes across it!

    Keep up the good work, little dogs! Thanks for another great post.


  2. Oh, Deborah's story reminds me of a news story here, where someone found a huge snake curled up behind his toilet. It was a pet that had escaped from an another apartment! ~shiver!

  3. Deb, if that little guy gets outside, he's toast up there in Alaska! My hubby HATES snakes big-time! First thing he asks if we're going anywhere unfamiliar (like this summer going to Eastern Oregon)--"Are there snakes there?" Of course there are--it's the desert part of Oregon--I think he was nervous the whole time we were there!

  4. Oh my, Sandra! I'd freak for sure if one showed up in my bathroom--YIKES!!!

  5. You and my husband would be buddies in that department, Leslie! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Aloha! --Cheryl


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