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Thursday, October 27, 2011

International Symbol of Hospitality

My Pineapple Necklace!
Any idea?? It’s the PINEAPPLE!!!

Now, before I tell you more, I want to invite you to visit Linda Clare's Blog today (Thursday, October 27.) I am the guest blogger and it's all about my writing journey and being offered a first-time contract! It will for sure be posted on her site sometime today, so I really hope you visit. Just click on her name above to get there.

How cool my first book is all about figuring out who is vandalizing the pineapple fields and why! Leilani, Maile, and Sam are going to save the International Symbol of Hospitality.

So, where did the pineapple as The International Symbol of Hospitality come from? As early as Columbus’s second voyage when he landed on Guadalupe and brought the amazing fruit back to Europe. There is a legend that sea captains spear a pineapple onto a fence post to let people know he had returned safely. It was an invitation to visit.

Through the years in early America, the pineapple became the preferred item served to guests when they arrived at a home. Guests were honored because the host had spared no expense to serve the exotic fruit on their behalf.

The fruit was also often served for dessert, and many bedposts and headboards had pineapples carved in them.

What a welcome! You can read more about the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality by clicking on this link.

The Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association has chosen the pineapple as their symbol of hospitality (1999.) They award Gold Pineapple Awards to hotels that achieve measurable goals in customer satisfaction. The awards are national and only a few receive the honor.

I found out about the pineapple being the symbol of hospitality during my conference trip to St. Louis. I was wearing my pineapple necklace—given to me by my daughter and son-in-law—and the young woman at the check-in counter noticed it and commented on it.

Gotta LOVE those pineapples!

Mahalo for visiting!

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