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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fishy, Fishy . . .

In a brook.
Daddy catch you with a hook.
Mommy fry you in a pan.
Baby eat you like a man!

My mom taught me this when I was very little. It had hand motions and I loved it. In fact, much to my mom’s horror, I performed it for my doctor during one visit when I was maybe five years old!

Thus began my love of acting—even being a theater major in college for a while.

I was wondering about all the fish you can find in Hawaii. There are many types, sizes, and colors. Here are a few of the fish that are endemic to the islands. I’ve listed them with their Hawaiian name and their common name:

Aweoweo                  Hawaiian Bigeye

Pao’o                       Gargantuan Blenny, Hawaiian Zebra Blenny, Marblehead Blenny, Scarface Blenny, Strasburg’s Blenny

‘Oio                         Longjaw Bonefish
Kikakapu                  Multiband Butterflyfish
Lauwiliwili                 Milletseed Butterflyfish

Upapalu                   Bay Cardinalfish, Spotted Cardinalfish, Hawaiian Ruby Cardinalfish, Hawaiian Spotted Cardinalfish, and Transparent Cardinalfish

Puhi uha                  Hawaiian Conger
Mamo                      Hawaiian Sergeant Major Damsel
O’ili’uwi’uwi               Hawaiian Fantail Filefish
O’ili                         Shy Filefish
Aholehole                 Hawaiian Flagtail
Kumu                      White Saddle Goatfish
Piliko’a                     Redbarred Hawkfish
Ulua Lauli                 Whitetongue Jack
Lauia                       Regal Parrotfish
Uhu Uliuli                  Spectacled Parrotfish
Nohu Pinao               Hawaiian Green Lionfish, Hawaiian Red Lionfish
Nohu                        Shortsnout Scorpionfish, Titan Scorpianfish
Puhi                         Steindachner’s Moray
Hapu’upu’u                Seale’s Grouper (Hawaiian Black Grouper)
‘Iao                          Hawaiian Silverside
Ala’ihi                       Hawaiian Squirrelfish

There are many other endemic fish, some with Hawaiian names, others without. There are also a huge number of interesting fish not endemic to the islands. You can see a complete list at this site:


Join me next Monday and I’ll tell you about my experience with one of Hawaii’s unusual fishes!!

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  1. I'm constantly amazed at the abundance of vowels in Hawaiian words!

  2. It makes them so much fun to pronounce!


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