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Monday, January 24, 2011

How Cool is Your Wardrobe???

A bit delayed, but I’m finally back to talking about the first Hawaiians and how they used the plants, nuts, trees, and fruits all around them.

The early residents of the islands used plants for their wardrobe. Just how did they do that?

They made Tapa (or Kapa) Cloth from strips of wauke bark which was stripped and beaten. The women wore skirts (pa’u) made from Tapa Cloth. The men also wore the cloth around their waist and legs (malu.) Both men and women wore a type of shawl or cloak (kihei.) Although much of the time they didn't wear something on top. In the rain, they used their ti leaf capes (see post from January 10, 2011.)

Children wore the same clothes as the adults.

What about the chiefs and other important people? They added to their wardrobe with feathered cloaks and helmets. The helmets themselves were made of vine roots and called mahiole. If you weren’t a king or a great warrior, your helmet could have no feather decorations added.

The few mahiole available to view in museums today are as revered as they were by the first Hawaiians.

Stay with me as I pass on more information about the ancient Hawaiians. I hope you find their culture as fascinating as I do.

By the way, is there something in particular you'd like me to talk about? Would you like more stories about my personal experiences in Hawaii, more recipes, more history, places to see, or something else? Let me know!

Until Thursday!



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