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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hau’oli La Hanau!

Happy Thirtieth Birthday, Ian!

Daughter, Ashley, and Son, Ian,
 With Balloons and Friends
Yesterday we celebrated my son’s 30th birthday. Man—how can that be???? Wasn’t it only ten years ago that I turned 30??

Ian hugging Dad after the Surprise!

We celebrated by going out to dinner yesterday, but the big celebration was earlier in the month when 44 of his friends and family totally surprised him with a huge party! What fun—burrito bar, cake, football, and tons of laughter.

Ian Opening Gifts With Help of His Niece

Happy 30th Birthday Cupcakes!

All ethnicities in Hawaii celebrate a First Birthday with a huge luau. Some Polynesian cultures, such as Tongan and Samoan celebrate a Twenty-First Birthday with a big feast and festive party.


When I lived in Hawaii I went into the country to an amazing luau (a REAL one done by the family) for their daughter who was turning 16. What a great experience that was—for me as well as for her.

More Family!

Want to throw a luau for your child’s first birthday? Here’s a blog that will tell you the steps and all your “must haves.” It includes all the things you’ll need to think about—theme, invites, guests, favors, reception table, decorations, centerpieces, banner, pupus (appetizers), main entrée, activities, etc., etc.

Enjoy! Mahalo for visiting.



  1. Wow, those cupcakes look SO delicious! Your son is very lucky. He looks like he had a ton of fun. :-) Is that your house, btw? It's beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Jessica!

    We all had a ton of fun. And, yes, that's my house--we love it! Only a few months shy of two years now. If you ever have a "hankering to come to this part of the country, we have lots of room!!!

  3. Happy birtday to Cheryl's good looking son! And yes, I agree with Jessica, those cupcakes look yummy. Hope his foot is better very soon!

  4. Thanks, Karla! You're a gem. I'll pass on the good wishes to Ian.

    Yes, the cupcakes were great, but I also make a peppermint bundt cake that was extra scrumptious--just not as cool looking as the "30" cupcakes!


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