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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mourning, Stump-toed, and Gold Dust Day?

The above are three types of geckos in Hawaii. There are seven—those three and:

Orange-Spotted Day, Common House, Fox, Small Tree,
and Common House Geckos.

When I lived in Hawaii, I stayed a summer in a house near the UH campus. My roommate was a gecko. He was a funny guy—Oops—let me correct something here!

I believe the gecko that lived with me was a Mourning Gecko. This species is all female. Yup, all female! The female lays the eggs. No male needed to hatch a bunch of baby females. So, I continue . . .

This funny little girl loved my posters. At night when I’d come into my room, she would scamper across my walls, under all the posters. They’d wiggle and shake, creating a slight thunder in my room. I loved that greeting.

Mourning Geckos have been the most prevalent species in Hawaii. There is, however, a more aggressive species, Common House, which may be taking over the lead.

It is believed the geckos arrived in Hawaii by stowing away with the arriving Polynesians. According to scientific studies, their eggs are salt-water resistant, so these eggs could have made the trip as well, on a log or some other floating debris.

How fun it was to have a gecko roommate. I won’t mention the un-fun of having cockroaches! Today, my cat, Lilly, would never tolerate a gecko visitor, especially another female, so I only have my memories.

Glad you visited, hope you comment on your unusual animal companions, and visit again soon to learn more about the islands!


  1. Shame on you, shame shame shame. I still find myself playing with those stupid fish when I should be working. Double shame!

  2. We all need a break sometimes! Makes me feel so peaceful. Glad you're having fun.

  3. You just love the little green Geico Gecko, Shane!!

  4. We used to have geckos in our house all the time and we weren't supposed to kill them because they were considered "good luck". Good luck or not, I wasn't very fond of having reptiles in my bedroom.

  5. Lol, Nicole! My little roommate scared the heck out of me everytime I walked into my room, especially when it was dark at night.

  6. Cheryl,

    I love your gecko experience :-) I haven't had much exposure to them (aside from at my dad's house in Florida where the photo was taken of one on the tree), but I've always thought they were adorable. I think having a spokesgecko is a stroke of genius on the part of Geico!


  7. Thanks, Deborah! Yeah, that Geico Gecko is pretty darn cute. Too bad he wasn't my roommate!


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