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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ahh . . A Kid's Life! (Part 2)

This is part two of my interview with my niece, Nicole, who grew up on the Big Island.

Aloha, Nicole! Mahalo for sharing with Life in Flip-Flops readers!

What is your favorite part of Hawaiian culture?

The sense of “family.” Younger kids always call adults “Auntie” or “Uncle” whether they know them or not! Growing up I remember spending lots of time with my entire extended family.

Also, people are so kind to one another—always willing to help and always saying “thank you” when you help them. Even with the simple things like holding a door open for someone. I actually get frustrated on the mainland when you are helpful or courteous to people and they just ignore the gesture. Many times there’s no “thank you” or any acknowledgement.

What are your favorite Hawaiian foods to cook?

Portuguese bean soup. It takes forever to make, but it is soooooo good!

What recipes would you like to share with my readers in two weeks on the Monday and Thursday blog posts?

I’ll share the recipe for Portugese bean soup. Also, bibingka, a Filipino dessert, and kalua pig. Of course the pork will be cooked in the oven, as I doubt anyone wants to dig up their yard to make an imu!

What other things did you do with your friends?

We did lots of outdoor activities. About five of us used to ride our bikes down the street in a long line like we were a biker gang or something. We also roller-bladed a lot. Birthday parties are a big thing in Hawaii and I remember many celebrations at the beach.

In high school my friends and I spent nearly every weekend at the beach—tanning, swimming, and walking. I always had a very dark tan. Now when I go home my family and friends comment how pale I am!

(Cheryl’s comment: Nicole is NOT pale by Pacific Northwest standards!)

Mahalo, Nicole!

I’d sure love to spend that much time on a sunny beach with warm water. Wouldn’t you? 

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

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