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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Some of My Yard and Green Space
Seen Through a Dewey Spider's Web

Ahhh . . . yes! Spring has sprung and all the trees and plants are budding. It's time for me to plant seeds or veggie starts so I can harvest this fall.

But what about the Hawaiian Islands?? They were formed by volcanoes--and there weren't any seeds in that hot lava for sure. So, how did vegetation show up?

Thanks To Birds!

Birds would carry seeds in their feathers and some stuck on their legs. They would also eat seeds, so when they made shishi (I’m sure you can figure out the meaning of this word!) the seeds grew. Grasses, trees, fruits and flowers thrived on the islands.

And how did the birds get way out there in the middle of nowhere? Strong winds are the probable cause. They blew birds off course. Winds also brought insects, butterflies and bees to the islands.

Floating logs and debris also could have brought seeds, geckos, and gecko eggs to the islands.

Combine this together and you have the lush tropical landscape of Hawaii.

Sands formed by volcanoes and ocean waves eroding away. Palm trees, mangos, papayas, and plumerias arriving with the birds. Makes me want to slip on my flip-flops and find a warm beach somewhere!

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

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