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Thursday, January 16, 2014

And The Final Four Are . . .

Continuing from Monday's post, here are the Final Four in our main island tour of the Hawaiian chain:

Kauai—The Garden Island. Lush with vegetation, it is also battered by storms and rain. The oldest island and the first island Captain Cook visited.
Lanai—Pineapple Isle (a title held during most of the 20th century.) A small island with no traffic lights, quiet and remote, Lanai used to be a huge producer of pineapples for Dole. Today, the production has moved overseas. Popular activities include golfing and four-wheeling in a jeep.

Niihau—The Forbidden Island. Privately owned since 1864, there are about 130 residents living in the town of Puuwai. No running water, and electricity is provided by the sun and generator. For all these years, you could only visit the island if you were invited by the Robinson family. But today you can take a half-day helicopter tour of the island, even landing for a while on a beach.

Kahoolawe—This island has gone through many changes. For a short time, it was once a penal colony, then used for sheep and cattle ranching. Eventually it was controlled by the US Navy and used as a bombing range until 1990. Currently it is being restored by the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission.

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the islands! Any particular island you would like to visit in the very near future??

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!--Cheryl

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