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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Now You See It . . .

Now you don’t!

Waimea Canyon, that is. Here are my “favorites” on the islands I have visited. You might want to visit as well!

Waimea Canyon, located on Kauai, offers visitors a breathtaking view—when you can see it! Many times you’ll arrive (after climbing many steps) and see only fog. Often, if you patiently wait, the fog will clear, revealing magnificent colors and sculpted walls. The canyon is 10 miles long and 1 mile wide. I’ve never driven the 40 mile road to see other viewpoints, but it would be a great trip!

If you ever get a chance to cruise the Hawaiian Islands, you may get to see the Pali Ciffs in the daylight. I’ve had that opportunity. Gorgeous!

Wailua Falls(Remember the falls in the opening of Fantasy Island?) and Spouting Horn are fun places to visit onKauai as well.

Haleiwa on Oahu’s north shore. We swam in the ocean nearby this tiny town. The giant turtles swam with us. And, of course, you must have a shave ice at the little store, Aoki's, in Haleiwa! Yum!

Dole Plantation is a big tourist thing on your way to the north shore, but I recommend stopping in and having the pineapple sorbet. The servings were huge with mounds of fresh pineapple. Amazing!!! We bought a couple and shared. There was plenty for all of us. See that yummy pineapple?

Pearl Harbor is an absolute must-see. My kids loved the video and the small museum. Lots of wonderful history. The ride to the area of the memorial and the sunken Arizona is amazing and sobering.

On the big island ofHawaii I love theVolcanoes National Park, although when we visited in 2007, all you could do was drive the old caldera.Kilauea was erupting, so much of the park and viewing areas were unavailable. But the park is still very interesting.

If you travel way down the island from Hilo you can visit one of the rare Black Sand Beaches. A turtle greeted us there. The sand is course, rough, and sharp, but beautiful. There are also a number of waterfalls nearHilo, including Akaka Falls.The hike there is easy and beautiful.

My other favorite places are not ones any tourist would probably visit, but part of my heart and soul still resides there. The University of Hawaii in theManoa Valley onOahu is where I attended for a year. I stayed for a while in The Atherton House, then in the dorm, Hale Laulima, shopped in Pucks Alley, ate at McGoos Pizza, and worked at The Research Animal Facility on campus (which I could not locate during my visit. Not sure if it exists on campus now.)

Tell me your favorite places to visit! I hope to be getting back there soon and I’d love to know some new things to explore.

Aloha, and Mahalo for visiting!

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