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Monday, August 20, 2012

O is for Olivia


Three Precious Packages--
Mom (Olivia), Leilani and Kimo

Olivia Akamai is Leilani’s mom. She’s blonde and has a slight built, unlike her daughter who takes after the Hawaiian side of the family.

Olivia doesn’t appreciate Leilani’s intense interest in mysteries, spying, investigating, and interrogating. She worries about her and probably feels more than the normal amount of “mama bear” caring since Leilani’s dad died about a year before.

But then, like every great mom, Olivia recalls many a precious moment of her daughters youth when she’s caught her hiding in weird places, been interrogated to the point of feeling guilty (for doing absolutely nothing, by the way!) and had to patch Leilani up when she’d fallen from a less-than-cooperative tree or scratched herself when crawling through muck and mire to spy on someone.

You moms out there know about the angst that accompanies raising active, intense and determined kids!

O is also for Onakea, Maile and Kainoa’s last name. Maile is Leilani’s best female friend, and Kainoa is her surfing buddy and coach since Leilani was eight. Now that she’s 13, she see’s Kainoa a bit differently than when she was younger. Hmm . . . how will that play out??

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